How to make live link-up with local politicians on mobile devices

The disturbing mania of Facebook to remove features without warning was again verified: the « Live with » which allowed link-up at low cost with the mobile application of Fb suddenly disappeared. The solution adopted by Matélé: using the « chatroom » of Switcher, available from any mobile device.

At the belgian local TV Matélé, we are absolutely fan of live link-up on social networks. We realize a live interview each day. We started with Google Hangout On Air from 2014:

When Facebook launched the « Live with » feature in 2017, we immediately appreciated the simplicity and visibility of this feature that boosted the engagement of our fans and the number of views. A « good » live with a local personality easily reaches 5,000 views, with a most significant thruplay.

The « Live with » also gave us creative ideas with our colleagues of TVLux: to cover the visit of the Prime Minister at the Fair of Libramont, for example, we used the live with to have 2 sources video on a single place:

In 2018, we discovered Switcher Studio, which we used for live multicam in our office. That is to say that Switcher only connected iOS mobiles connected to the same wifi, which allows to vary the video sources within the same building. There are also all other features of Switcher: stamp the brand, broadcast a pre-recorded video during the Live, etc.

In 2019, Switcher has made a huge update of its app, with new features that we will not review here, but the most spectacular is the addition of a « chatroom » to which anyone with the link can connect via computer or smartphone, regardless of the brand. There is no need for the Switcher app, just the browser. Here is the presentation by the brand:

We have adopted the chatroom system for our daily live interviews since the abandonment of Facebook’s « Live with ». Specifically, a technician moves each time with an iPad mini (for mixing) and an iPhone 8+ for the camera on the guest. We could simply send the link of the chatroom to our guests, who just have to connect. We have tested it and it works, but we must admit that between the problems of framing, backlighting, sound, 4G flow, interviewees do not always manage to ensure sufficient quality for a professional interview.

With Switcher, our interviews are not only streamed but recorded in 720HD. After the live, the interview is edited to be broadcast on TV with a dressing and an excerpt passes to the JT. Here is what it looks like when broadcasted on TV:

Matélé has subscribed to the cheapest subscription, Essential, which costs $ 375 / year (possibility to subscribe also in the month). This subscription allows the classic duplex.

The Standard subscription at 588 $ / year allows to have 3 people live in the chatroom, but also crosspost on several pages Fb.

This article is a google translation of my original article written in French, sorry for the mistakes!

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Diederick Legrain, Digital Manager at Matélé

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